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Ireland (ok so I lied when I said it was the end...)

Dublin and Tipperary

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hello!! Long time no see. Ok, so I missed it so much I thought I'd carry on...

Right, so I flew to Dublin from Edinburgh after a shift in the local pub which finished at 2am, got to bed at 3am and up at 5am to have a shower and get to the airport. Cheers for taking me Dad!!

After a 45 minute flight which I slept through pretty much, I landed in Dublin. The trolly dolly guy had a fabulous dublin accent.. mummble mumble dooblin, mummble mumble hertz.... The radio shows are equally as funny, I just love the banter and the accent. Aisling that I travelled thorugh Indonesia with last year was there to meet me and we headed to her car. A woman in the airport was handing out leaflets, I took one and was very surprised to read the cover "You haven't been to Ireland until you've been to Northern Ireland" hilarious given the fact that I was in southern Ireland...

Anyway Aisling took me for a tour of the ghetto where a few days before some young folk were gunned down in the street by a machine gun weilding youth.. went back to her house, had a quick sandwich (I took a loaf of Genius bread with me) then hopped in the car and drove the long way to Tipperary... it's a long way to go, it's a long way to Tipperary traalaalaalaaaa. We stopped off at the Rock of Cashel on the way which was ace. It's a massive old castle on top of a hill. We took the tour but dipped out when the bloke taking the tour got a bit too boring for our liking. He did however tell us about the stone that if you can put your arms around it and touch your fingers you'll never have to go to the dentist ever again and also if you hop around the stone 9 times, you'll be married within the year. I tried the dentist trick but not the wedding one, no point expending all that energy for nothing... poor me I hear you cry haha

After that we went to get something to eat, the nice resturant was waaaaay too expensive, the next one down smelled really bad like old toasty machines or 10 year old chip fat and the bloke behind the counter looked like he'd been washing his hair in said chip fat so we opted for a wee shop with a granny and grandson in, a good cuppa and a scone for Aisling. After that we headed to a hurling match in Thurles where Aislings partner Phil is from. It was 20 euro to get in so we didn't bother in the end, the atmos outside was great tho and Tipperary won hurrah!!

We were to stay in the champion of all campervans. Phil has been doing up an ex mobile library van for over 2 years and it's amazing!! never before have you seen a camper quite like it. Full kitchen and shower room, 2 double beds/seating areas, swivvel chairs in the front, surround sound and even otside speakers for when the decks get set up!! fabulous a total labour of love. We didn't actually stay in it that night as we carried on with the party after the pub shut at 3am round a friends house which was great, it meant Aisling and Phil got to take the camper for it's maiden voyage the following weekend to the Oxygen Festival. We went out to a bar hat night which had live bands on, a young boy band doing metal tunes, a band called Jester who had a very manchester kind of sound and were really good then Atonomise I who were brilliant!!!! I was asked if I was swedish or polish yet again...

The next day, a little worse for wear, Aisling and I headed back to Dublin and out to meet my cousins Garry and Robert. Robert and Catherine live in Dublin and Garry and Mairead drove all the way from Killybeggs to see me, how cool is that?? thankfully when we met up, they were a little worse for wear as well but we all soon livened up with some coffee and food then onto the drink even if it was just water for me. Had a top night!! Rested most of the next day then went back into Dublin to Temple Bar and met up with my cousins again which ended up with us going into a vintage shop and trying on weird and wonderful clothes and hats, drinking more coffee then finally went home for a curry and an early night!!

On my last day we looked after Aislings neice Olivia. We took her round the harbour in Skerries and had some famous fish and chips which were lush. Apparently St Patrick, before he was a saint, and his goat moored his boat in Skerries. The people of the town then ate his goat so the local church has a stone memorial on the wall in memory of the delicious goat. We then had loads of trouble getting the buggy to fold down so shoved it in the back of the car with Olivia and dropped her off at home before taking me back to the airport. Back on the plane and off back to my Mums. A top weekend indeed!! Thanks Aisling!! xx

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