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June 2009


Hot, Hot, Hot!!

sunny 32 °C

Oi Oi!! Me again...

I miss Japan but have gained a set of eyebrows!! Went for threading on my second last day in Singers and the woman tinted them for me, I said I'd never do it again but I have and after about 4 days I'm now used to them. I also had a wax in an award winning Brazilian salon but you don't need to know about that. All I'll say is the need for a ciggie after was mighty.... eeek!!

Said goodbye to Annie, Hiro and Christina. Hiro at the flat where he must have closed the door and gave a sigh of relief when I left bless him then Annie and Christina at the T-CAT station. I waved them off with my new Hello Kitty brow mopper (which has come in very handy) and set off for the airport. When you get to the airport a bloke comes onto the bus and checks your passports and thats before actually getting near to the building, very security conscious. I then had a look on the board inside and when I'd finally figured out that the 1 was indeed an I, I headed off to check in. The airport is massive, I found row I and joined the big queue. After a few minutes of the queue not moving I realised that it was because no one else in the queue was actually going to Singapore...
All checked in now, the woman said to me she was sorry but all the aisle seats had been taken and could only have a window seat.. bonus, thats the seat I love anyway.... with that I headed for departures, I've decided that I'm going to go back to Japan next year and do some souvineer and rice cooker shopping :) saw a wicked one for 9000 yen that even had a porriage button but didn't fancy carrying it on board the plane and I doubt it plays tunes and I'm certainly glad I didn't buy it and post it from Singapore now after being skinned alive in the post office sending 2 small packages home. I said give me the cheapest and she gave me airmail instead of shippign which takes 3 months, time I really do have to spare. Anyway I asked if I could change it and she said no, stickers already on.. cow

When I landed in Singapore at 1am it was 28 degrees, it was like walking into a hairdryer!! I got some water and asked the shuttle bus woman when the next bus would be. It was about 2am by this point as my bag took forever to get round the conveyor thing. 45 mins she said so I hopped in a taxi. Got to my hotel and was greeted outside by a scantily clad woman and a drunken man winking at me, no not the staff at my hotel, it was situated in the Geylong red light area... not quite the 5* Pan Pacific I stayed in last time I was here but hey ho, it was clean enough and I only needed somewhere to sleep. My room was fine, I used all 3 locks on the door and shut out the weird noises from outside. Got up and fought with the shower, it was like a serpant hell bent on twisting everywhere and soaking everything around it except me. Called Angela and got a taxi to her apartment, which I might add is very nice indeed.

Singapore is a funny place, there's not really much in the way of touristy things to do unless your idea of being on holiday is to shop day and night. The grand summer sale started the day I arrived, I've been trying hard to ignore the shops and thankfully some of the stuff, like in Japan, just doesn't fit my body phew!! Bought an Asian cook book though and a jar of chicken flavoured stuff for putting with rice, they're getting posted home. I also bought a wicked wee dress and a lovely grey top which I wore one day and might not wear again as it is a sweat magnet which is never very nice is it...

I spent a couple of days by the pool, went on the MRT system, ate lots of curries (and a bit of sushi) had my face read by an indian fortune teller, went on a cruise, learned things in Sentosa about the four winds, and managed not to get lost.

Angelas pool was being refurbed so we used her mate Lorna's which was great. I went by myself one day as they both work and was quizzed by the doorman of the building, he kept coming up to the pool and wandering about then finally after about 4 hours he asked me who I was there to visit as it was clear I was with my invisable friend... He was fine though I just said her apartment number and got back into the pool.

The cruise was hilarious, only 3 of us on this wee boat for half an hour. Our guide was so camp he could have been a tent. He must do that tour about 10 times a day. He kept making things up and then saying nah, not really. I thought he was brilliant!! The tour itself was pretty interesting, I didn't do it last time. I learned that you get fined if you dive or swim in the river, they're building a massive casino that the locals have to pay to get into but the tourist don't so they can keep obsessive gambling down and wives can also sign a form to ban their husbands from going there at all!! I also learned that the viewing wheel thing like the London eye... probably called the Singapore eye come to think of it is bigger than the one in London, I didn't go on it though as Angela and David took me to the New Asia Bar on my last night in the Swiss Hotel which is even higher. It was amazing up there, the bar itself is fabulous and the view is breath taking. We bought a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey which they keep for you if you don't drink it all. The waitresses come over and kneel on the floor at your table and pour the drinks for you everytime they see your glass is nearly empty, great service.
The MRT underground system is great too, so much easier to use than the Tokyo one, for a start there isn't as many trains so as long as you have the right station you can find the right way to go, I suppose that's the same but they're aren't so many stations... I am happy to report that I didn't get lost once, how I managed that I don't know but I did. I went to Harbour point one day for shopping and also to Chinatown. I wasn't there long and meant to go back but didn't. They had fish head soup, some kind of turtle curry and a dish made with chicken feet, the chicken feet were still whole and just kind of sat there or stood there rather, apparently it's really tasty...

Angela took me to Sentosa Island the day after ladies night which is on a wednesday. A lot o the bars do free enrty for women and free drink all night long, how good is that. Smirnof and cranberry free flowing woohooo!! Sentosa is like a mini theme park, we went on this tour thing called Images of Singapore. It was really good, I wasn't expecting much but we had a wee show first about the four winds and how singapore started out as the central port of the world shipping industry/port then we went through the museum which was ace!! they had loads of stuff you could press and pull. I pulled a monkey tail and it shrieked, it was so funny. I expect though if I had a tail and someone pulled it I would also scream... No animals were hurt in the making of this blog by the way, it wasn't a real one. We then headed to the beach for lunch then I went off to Raffles Place for my treading and the aforementioned waxing while angela went to the airport to meet David. I tell you, threading is the way forward, it's great, she even did one of my knuckes to show me how she does it. Not that I have very hairy knuckles or anything but you know... The wax that I wasn't going to talk about however was undiscribeable, if I hadn't of had it done before I would have thought I'd been assaulted. She came into the room with a face mask and rubber gloves on, I thought I was going to get an internal, I was almost right!! She asked me to take off everything from the waste down and cover myself with the towel then when she came back she whipped away the towel and any dignity I may have had left... I'm not going to say anymore incase I scar you all more than I have done already. More facts will be given on request.

So, Oh yeah, the wee indian man. I was sat on a bench by the river munching on takeaway sushi and fruit when this wee turbin topped man came over and said I had a very lucky face and a good heart. He gave me a bit of paper and told me to hold onto it in my fist then told me that I couldn't keep secrets, which I protested too as I do keep secrets!! anyway he also said that tuesday was a lucky day for me but not to get my hair cut on a tuesday... fair enough. Then he told me that 2 boys like me but I only like 1 and asked me what my favorite colour was, I said Blue and he wrote it down on a bit of paper then my favourite number which is number 2 so he wrote that down on the same bit of paper. Now, if I had thought about it at the time instead of being all OMG that was amazing, how did you do that?? blonde type person his game would have been up but I didn't think I just marvelled at his magical powers like a right numpty. He took the bit of paper out of my hand and told me while showing me to put it to my forehead, the back of my head and then blow it before opening it. He gave me it back and I did it, when I opened it up, low and behold it had Blue and 2 written on it. Amazing. I suspect slight of hand was a foot when he was showing me what to do... doh anyway he gave me a black and orange stone for luck and asked me for money. Said poor people gave $50, rich gave $100 and well rich gave $125. I offered him $10, said I was a skint jobless traveller that would have to live on the streets and out of bins if I gave him anymore. He said he'd tell me something else if I gave him $50 and I said I could tell you something as well, take the $10 and bugger off!! so he did. I've since been hot upon by a fake monk but knew his game so gave him the old talk to the hand cos the face ain't listening and walked on. Take that fake monk.

Food is great in Singapore, met up with Ben from Gibraltar for lunch which was great, his girlfriend is trying to talk him into meeting up with my in Sydney for Hogmany... come on ben, you know you want to hehe

I caught a train at 8am on the saturday mornign to Kuala Lumpar which took 7 long hours. After about an hour we all had to get off and go through immigration then stand for ages to get back on. They had a TV at the front of the carriage with intertesting facts about light houses on it, sylvester and tweetie pie then a pants teenagers film with hillary duff in it called 'the perfect man' this sequence was on a loop, thank the lord for my ipod... The view out of the window was cool at times, all tropical and jungly but the train smelled which was unfortunate and I didn't try the loos although I have to say, 2 men cleaned them about every half hour so they can't of been that bad.

Well, I'm in Kuala Lumpur now and it's great, oh, got to check out in 15 mins and haven't packed!! better shoot the craw. I'll tell you all about my Malaysian travels in the next couple of weeks.

Take care now Gxx

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