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Vietnam Part II

Haylong Bay, Hoi An, Mue Ne

hello again Ok, so it looks like this might be a 3 parter again, I can't stop waffling as you know and it's a wonderful country to waffle about so here's part II...

So, Halong Bay. What a wonderful place. It has to be said it can be done cheaper than the 133USD we each paid but it was soooo worth it. Spoilt to within an inch of our lives, pure bliss, esp the second night. If you're planning on doing Halong Bay, which I think you must do if you're in the north of Vietnam, definately do at least 2 nights, 1 night just isn't enough. So, we drove for about 5 hours from Hanoi with an ozzy chick and an ozzy family who were really nice. There had been a typhoon a few days previous which ended in the death of 5 people in the Bay after a boat overturned but thankfully all that bad weather had gone and everything was calm and sunny. We got onto the luxury junk boat and waited for a few other people to come and join us then sailed off through the bay. I can't tell you how fabulous Haylong Bay is and give it justice, it's just amazing. Don't think my photos quite capture it. During the first day we went to a big cave, like St Michaels in Gibraltar but waaaaay bigger and had no seats or stage for beauty pagents like Miss Gibraltar who actually won Miss World?? how mad and brilliant is that? It was an interesting cave and had the usual naughty looking staligmites and tights but there was a constant stream of tourists inside it like ants when you see them crawling up walls and along the ground or in my case all over my bed, up my legs and everywhere, I hate ants. After that we sailed to Tip Top Island which isn't where they make the creamy topping for a fruit salad but where you can see a wicked sunset and swim in the kinda dirty water cos of all of the boats but still really nice. One of the guys got his flip flops nicked tho which wasn't so good. Some of us climbed up the hill to the top and took some cheesy but fun 'holding the sun' photos then back onto the boat for dinner. It was a bit odd, like a chip each on a plate then a wee crab each then something else, by the time they stopped bringing out food we were full but it felt like we hadn't eaten anything which was fine cos at night all these women on rowing boats filled with beer, wine, pringles, biscuits and anything else you might need while on the boat float up to the side shouting 'buy something' 'we have many things' it was such a novelty although in the dead of night when you really want a chocco pie, they're no where to be seen.
The next day was really amusing, wel, for me and the other 2 who were staying a second night anyway. We had breakfast at about 7:30am I think it was, then the people that were leaving, which was everyone except me Alex and Jess the ozzy girl were told lunch was at 10:30am before being turfed off the boat. Alex, Jess and I all got onto another boat. After breakfast the people that were leaving went kayaking while the rest of us got on a boat and followed them which was odd. We said cheerio to them and sailed off on our even more luxurious boat, just the 3 of us. I even had a jaquzzi bath in my room!! Not that I could use it cos the water wasn't that hot but still... Lunch was amazing, so much food and these chilled big pear things that tasted like heaven, so juicy and cold. We then went off to a floating village and kayaked through a bat cave, I was well scared to begin with and was given the only life jacket with a whistle on it by the captain after being overheard talking about what a rubbish swimmer I am but I was fine, really enjoyed if after I got going and having Jess the life guard on the same kayak as me helped... the cave was unbelievable, the water was so still the reflection of the staligtites above looked like you could put your hand in the water and touch them like they were in the water and not above it - amazing and of course the odd bat squeaked and flew about. Dinner, cards, wine, vodka and a chat to the staff over some live stone snails which actually tasted quite good and off to bed. We had to check out so they gave us breakfast at 8:30 and lunch at 10:30!! crazy stuff. We didn't think we'd manage to eat everything and when lunch came out it didn't look like much and we had the bare face to moanabout it then he brought out a massive fish and rice and stirfry beef OMG there was masses. Having only had a big breakfast 2 hours earlier we didn;'t think we'd be able to finish but somehow we managed to scoff the lot. After packing our things we lounged about on the deck till we got back to the port. Waved goodbye to the captain and headed back to Hanoi on a bus for 5 hours. I was sat next to a very odd austrian man who was listening to the cheesiest drivel ever, very loud indeed bless him. Got back to the drift, repacked our bags and off to the train station again - next stop Hoi An

Hoi An like other places on the east coast of Vietnam had been hit heavy with the typhoon. You could see the water mark which in some places was over 5 foot high, it must have been horrific to be there when it was all going on which I know some travellers that I met were. Debri and mud all over the place but they'd tidied it up well and seemed to take it all in their stride. The train journey there however was horrendous. We went hard bed in a cabin with 4 members of a vietnamese family. The father could hardly breath but when he did it was loud and heavy like he was going into labour but that wasn't the worst of it. In Vietnam you have to be up and about by 5:30am even though the train doesn't stop till 1pm... then once you've sucessfully woken up everyone around you, you go back to sleep. They got the food on first while talking really loud, opened the carraige door so we could here the local radio blaring out some kind of torchurous music that was so loud it was unbearable and if that wasn't bad enough, I was in the middle bunk and the woman below kept standing up and tucking me in with her big long jaggy finger nails digging into my back cos my duvet was hanging over a bit, while the father coughed up a lung and the granny gave out a big sigh every 10 mins. I was not thanked by my travel buddy for taking the cheaper option. Hoi An is definately influenced by french arcitechture and food, you can get a baguette any time of the day haha. The buildings are beautiful and the colours are fabulous. The old town was particularly great and we spent most of our time there. The only thing I didn't like about Hoi An was the constant stream of women wanting you to buy something, on and on at you grabbing at your arm which I personally hate to the point of be willing to hip toss them onto the ground and put them in some kind of UFC strangle grip. I do not want a manicure, I do not want a pedicure and I definately do not want you going anywhere near my eyebrows, arms, legs or bikini line with a thread in the middle of the market place. You couldn't go through the market without fending them off then being talked about when you said no. I have to agree with other travellers when they say the people in the south of Vietnam are a lot nicer than the ones in the north. Anyhoo we went to the old town and had some clothes made. I got a japanese silk dress and a cotton skirt made for about 20USD which is great although I did have some trouble with the neckline of the dress. I also got some boots made for next to nothing. I did another cookery course in Hoi An with Alex. We didn't do much of the cooking really but it was good fun and the food tasted amazing esp the won ton salsa and the stuffed fish. I almost bought a grater cos it was well cool and made out of an old can but thought better of it. We went shopping for souvineers and I was looking at scarves. Each shop we went into I was asked if I wanted to try it on... try a scarf on... No sorry, it doesn't quite fit me, do you have anything a bit longer..? made me giggle Next stop Mui Ne..

We got a night bus from Hoi An which was totally bizarre. I've been on a night bus before but never one with beds so I didn't really know what to expect. I've seen pictures but not of the bus we went on. I headed for the top back section by the window of the futuristic spaceship they called a bus and Alex got the next seat where the gap is if you know what I mean... Anyway it was basically a fake leather seat in lie down mode, a wee slippy pillow and a blanket that god knows how many people had used before me. Alex had to keep her seat belt on cos if she didn't she'd have flown to the front of the bus during a sharp break or at least onto the people below. There were people sitting in the aisle below us so if you had to go to the loo you had to walk over them, very strange indeed. It was hard to sleep for a few reasons including the bed thing being for little people so you couldn't move around, just lie on your back with your feet inside the back of the seat in front. The TV was blaring a local show worse than anything I've seen on GBC, people were hacking back pleghm and of course the snoring and the perpetual beeping of the horn. Why oh why did I forget to charge my ipod?? Just as I got comfy we stopped for food. One guy on the bus bought a load of dried fish which is a quality snack apparently. Anyway he was so chuffed with his purchase that he held it aloft like He-Man would his sword then brought it back down and gave the packet a big kiss... We got to Na Trang and waited about an hour for another bus to take us to Mui Ne. I went on the hunt for some breakfast and brought back some rice pancake things layered up with garlic and spring onions in oil with a side of orange chilli sauce, it was lush!! Onto Mui Ne on another sleeper bus even though it was now morning. 5 hours, 1 stop, a banana and a bunch of grapes later we were settled into our lovely hotel with pool and beach access for much cheapness. Mui Me has lots of sand dunes so we hired a scooter and went to see the red ones first then the white ones. We went looking for Red Canyon but couldn't find it. The dunes were really cool. We spoke to some kids that were trying to get us to surf down the dunes on a bit of plastic. I let one of them take some photos with my camera but started to get nervous when she started edging away slowly backwards so I nabbed it back off her. She took some good photos tho. That night we had a traditional hot pot for dinner, it was nothing like Betty's from corrie not that I've had one of those, it was a sea food one although you could get meat if you wanted. You get given a pot of hot steaming and spicy stock and a plate of raw fish, prawns, scallops, crab meat and noodles and a big pile of veg then cook it yourself in the stock over a hot plate or coals, it was lush!! Next day we had the morning to do something so we got on our trusty steed and ventured out to find the salt plains. After about an hour and nothing but loads of traffic we stopped for petrol. I went off to the loo and left Alex it to it, came back and theres loads of folk round our bike and a small boy with what looked liked like his arm trapped under our seat. It wasn't till I got to everyone that Alex confessed that she'd somehow managed to lock the keys inside the seat... doh!! lucky enough, the wee boy was skinny enough to grab the keys and pull them out and off we went, gave the bike back, had a swim and hopped on the bus to Saigon waking up an Irish lad laid on the floor at the back of the bus. Gave him a banana and he went back to sit with his mate. Next stop Saigon - HCMC

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Vietnam Part I

Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay

all seasons in one day 34 °C

Gooooood Morning Vieeeetnaaam!!

I just had to get that in hehe

Well, I've never been on a propeller plane before and to be honest, I'd rather keep it that way. It feels every single wee gust of wind - scary mary. My tummy flipped a couple of times, my sister Lorna would surely have hated it. I was sat next to a man called Bob who was from somewhere in Australia. He was really funny and had recently retired, sold his business and in his own words 'racked off' I didn't think Ozzy's actually said stuff like that outside of Ramsay Street...

I had some mixed reports about Vietnam before I went there so wasn't sure what it was going to be like. Apart from getting food poisoning on my first night and a few weeks later having my wallet liberated, I thought the country was fantastic. I motorbiked round the mountains of sapa and had lunch with local tribes, lay on a luxury junk boat in Haylong Bay, marveled at the markets and dodged traffic in Hanoi, had a dress made in Hoi An, played in the sand dunes of Mui Ne, fell in love with Saigon, got trapped in a wee hole, fired an M60 machine gun, got robbed, dressed up as a donut and stayed by the Mekong river with a local family. Lots of fun was had and I loved it.

I arrived in Hanoi and stayed in a hostel called The Drift, it has to be the best hostel I've ever stayed in. It's 7USD a night for a clean and comfy bed with a duvet and fluffy pillow. The place has a cafe at the bottom, a TV and free internet room, a bar on the roof and a pool room. I spent the first night puking my ring and what didn't come up went down fairly rapidly. My finger is very firmly pointed at the fajita I ate, down with western muck!! When I finally got out nearly 2 days later, I'd met a girl from South Africa who showed me around Hanoi and begged me to follow her all over the country hahaha we did some touristy things in Hanoi like going to the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum but we couldn't go in cos Ho Chi Min was in Russia having some preservation treatment done. The poor bloke wanted cremated but they wouldn't let him so he's been preserved and lives in a glass box like snow white did. I hardly expect Ho Chi Min to be waiting for his prince though... The museum attached to it was ace. Very interesting and a bit odd all at the same time. The large fruit caught my attention and is one of the things I remember the most. What they had to do with the museum I'm not sure, I wasn't really paying much attention to the history as usual. Outside the main building we saw men in uniform marching, there were army, police and what looked like riot police being rather half hearted in marching along mostly staring at us while we took some sneaky pics. After a bit we were moved on while they listened to what I can only assume was the national anthem. They were then subjected to a shouty man going on about something, which could have been the times for the weekend bingo for all I know. We then went onto the museum or temple of literature. I was expecting lots of books and was surprised to find lots of sculptures of big turtles. It was a very beautiful place. We had a drink in a rooftop cafe and decided I would go to Sapa. On the way back to the hostel I noticed a man sat outside a noodle shop squeezing blood from the still twitching neck of a pigeon, it was minging. One night before I met Alex she ate snake which doesn't sound too bad but she had to watch it being slit open while still alive then drink the blood and bile of the snake which she said was a bit sticky before it was taken away and made into snake omelette, snake soup and snake fried rice. Did you know a snakes heart beats for 15 mins outside of its body? well it does and it was also eaten by a bloke at her table while it was still beating, apparently it's like natural viagra... The traffic in Hanoi is mental as well, if you dare to cross the road which of course you have to sometimes you have to just commit to your route or panic and get run over, it's crazy. You just have to keep walking as usually the motorbikes will avoid you but if you stop or hesitate everyone gets confused and thats when it becomes dangerous.
If it weren't for my new mate Alex, I'd have ended up on a tour but as it was we hired motorbikes and discovered Sapa for ourselves saving over a million dong (local currency) in the process. It was an amazing place!! The journey to Sapa was interesting, I booked a hard bed for the 11 hour train journey which sounds horrible but was actually fine. After a bowl of Pho Bo (beef noodles) the best dish in the whole wide world next to sushi, I headed off for the train. Like I said I had a hard bed, it was in a cabin with 5 other people. I slept really well and arrived in Sapa wishing I'd packed my jeans and glad I had my jumper, it was slightly cold to say the least and very very wet. We had to cross the tracks again but I'm used to that now, it wasn't the first or last time I did that. Our best investment for the trip was a set of slightly too short on the arms and legs extra large waterproofs and a pair of wellies. The kind of wellies that fit either foot... I also bought some woolie socks and woolie gloves which were actually a mistake cos they soak up rain like a sponge but kept me warm for a wee while.
So many people spit in Vietnam, men, women and children. They'd all been saving up their phlegm on the train cos the minute they got off it was all hacking and spitting and quite frankly making me boke which i'm sure LeeAnne is while reading this if she's not passed out from the snake bit. I've never seen the like in my life, its like something from an old western film or the sidelines of a baseball match, proper bogging, I hate it but I suppose they hate or don't understand stuff about us like blowing your nose or using loo roll... Anyway, I met Alex off her train which was half an hour after mine and we searched for a bike to rent, failing at this we hopped on a bus to Sapa itself and got settled into our new guesthouse. They managed to sort out 2 scooters for us and off we went exploring. We got to Cat Cat village and took a walk along the rice fields which were stunning. Saw some locals and a waterfall but it was all a bit touristy and put on which was a shame so went went off to really explore, off the beaten track. Alex gave a woman a lift on the back of her bike to her village (the woman's, not Alex's) after we'd met some cute kids in a village with real people living real lives not wanting you to buy anything. The kids were class, really excited about having their photos taken and looking at them after, it was sooo cool. On day 2 we went to the local market for breakfast and got chatting to a couple of local woman over chick embryos and and tofu which were all set out on the table with a few other unappetising bits and bobs. I had chicken noodle soup or 'Pho Ga' and we went off for a wander round the other part of the market where they had bowls of live frogs, dead chickens with their feet in the air, bits of cow and pig and unfortunately a pile of BBQ'd puppy. I bought what I thought was sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf for later but was actually a raw sausage you have to steam yourself. I must have gone wrong somewhere when I asked 'is that rice?' and being answered 'yes' I think they just don't want to lose face by saying they don't understand.. anyhoo, as it was I didn't need it cos we got asked into this womans house for lunch after dumping the bikes by the side of the road and walking up a stoney mucky road. Her daughter was outside and spoke to us while her mother whose name was 'Cool' prob not spelled that way tho came down and asked us to come in. The house was very basic indeed. After being talked into buying a handmade wallet and wall hanging we were asked to stay for lunch. Noodles and rice with hot water, she just kept filling up our bowls and her own then her mates and their kids turned up and Alex asked if the kids were going to eat to which Cool said, 'yeah, maybe later' Her eldest daughter had a horn sticking out of her forehead, it looked really odd. She took it off, put a bit of hot ember from the fire inside the horn and stuck it back on her forehead!! How mad is that?? still not sure what it was all about but we saw a few people wth round burn marks on their face. We left there after taking a few photos and receiving a gift of a silver bracelet from the family and headed back to the bikes and onto another village. When we got there we were instantly set upon by a group of local woman who took us up a hill to a big waterfall forever saying 'careful, be careful' I thought Alex was going to push them off into the water. Then they took us into a room and sat us down with our backs to the wall and crowded round all chattering at once about buying something. 'buy something from me' 'buy something from me' it was pure torchure so we said all our money was in the bikes and headed back. All they wanted was money and I know they're poor and all but you just can't buy something from everyone so we gave them some money to share for taking us to the waterfall which they moaned about cos it wasn't enough then gave two of them a lift back to their own villages.
The last day in Sapa was great, even the sun came out to play and we peeled off our waterproofs hurrah!! We went to the Fransipan waterfall then on to a totally different province. There had been a few rock falls and landslides with the rain so the road was a bit blocked in parts. At one stage we had to wait for a digger to move rocks so we could get passed. A bloke pulled up next to Alex and hacked and spat all over the place before squeezing a few plukes on his face - yuck! Once we got off again the views were breath taking. We went to the market again for lunch when we got back then to the yellow fields for some photos before heading to the market. OMG it was pure madness. I expressed a bit of interest in a blanket this woman had then out of no where all these women came crowding round me opening blankets up left, right and centre "what about this one?' 'buy one from me' I tried to move away but they followed me so made a dash for the guesthouse but they followed us like a scene from a zombie movie and three of them even hung about outside the guesthouse waiting, I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd have started pawing at the window but they didn't. Eventually there was only one lady left till I went outside and they started coming out of the woodwork again. The short story is I got a blanket eventually.
We packed up and left getting on a bus that drove all over Sapa beeping it's horn looking for other passengers, we eventually trundled down the windy hill to Lao Cai and had some noodle soup and played many games of shit head till 7:30pm when we were to pick up our train tickets back to Hanoi. Of course come 7:30, no one knew where our train tickets were!! Alex and I went all over the place then as I looked after the bags she ran around again till someone gave her two tickets just in time. We'd booked hard beds in a 6 berth cabin like I'd had before but found we'd been given tickets for a 4 berth fancy pants cabin with free water, a soft bed and a wee table with a lamp on it. Much to the dismay of the honeymooning couple on the bottom bunks who actually checked our tickets to make sure we were right.
Got back to Hanoi safe and sound then the 2 of us with our wee rucksacks got on the same motorbike driven by a woman who talked to herself and headed back to The Drift.

Next Stop Halong Bay.... to be cont..

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10 days in a fabulous country

sunny 34 °C


well, Laos is amazing, I loved it there. Not just cos it's cheap as chips but it's also gorgeous. The people are fab, the food is amazing!! and the general vibe is great. The country has an 11pm curfew, all the pubs and stuff shut at 11, early to bed, early to rise to feed the monks unless you go ten pin bowling that is. Anyhoo, to the beginning of Laos....

I caught a bus from my guesthouse in Chaing Mai and headed for the border. Met Ben & Jenny, Joss and Lee and Cathy and Kaya on the bus who were all a great laugh. We stayed the night in Thailand then got into a really small boat and crossed over to Laos. Ben and Jenny had planned to cross over the night we arrived to we said cheerio to them before getting to the guesthouse only to meet up with them again on the slow boat the next day. It took ages to get the passport stuff done cos they just take your passport off you and flash it in the window when it's been stamped. No queue or anything just luck. Then you have to get it checked at the next window then checked again at a table on the hill before you are actually in Laos legally. When we got off the wee boat they had a medical unit set up checking everyones temperature... with the same ear thing which was lightly rubbed with a bit of cotton wool (the same bit) between each person ewww not much you could do about it, thankfully my ear hasn't fallen off yet cos of some ear to ear disease. So, we get to a bus stop travel agents place and told the horror stories of the boat we're about to get on for the next 6 hours. People will steal your bag, if you go on the roof you will die, the food is very expensive, there might be 80 people on the boat, the seats are hard, you must buy a cushion (we had one each already from the guesthouse) he was a proper scare mounger!! anyway, we then got taken to another agency and waited for ages again to get a ticket then got on the boat at about 11ish. The boat was a nightmare. well, thats maybe a bit of an exageration, it wasn't that bad, it certainly wasn't as bad as the wee bloke made it out to be, no one stole my bag and there wasn't 80 people on it. It was really small as in narrow with lots of thin wooden benches that wobbled and moved but as far as horror stories the only thing slightly nasty was the one squat loo you had to hover over while being swayed from side to side with the motion of the river. Everyone was in the party mood so the beer flowed and lots of fun was had. It was funny seeing everyone produce the same kind of baguette at some point during the trip, obviously standard issue in all guesthouses. I gave mine to some puppies on the main land and bought a takeaway fried rice instead. The trip was really good and the views were amazing floating down the Mekong. At one point we pulled into the bank and kids gfot on selling beer and crisps and bisquits and probably just about anything else you wanted. After about 6 hours, we stopped at a place called Pakbeng which was nothing but loads of guesthouses, nothing to do really after eating so went to bed fairly early and got back on the boat the next morning. Very much to my surprise and delight the boat was much bigger and me and my new mates got a lovely bit on the floor at the back so you could lie down, much better than having a seat. The 6 or 7 hours went by fairly quickly, it was much quieter than the day before, people nursing hangovers and generally feeling sorry for themselves. We reached Luangprabang with all luggage intact, some new Japanese friends and got into a very cheap guesthouse then headed out after a shower to the local market where they sell the best food ever!! OMG it was lush!! Tables of veggie food and BBQ'd chicken and fish and meat, it was all amazing, the best market food I've ever had. I had a foot massage which doesn't just mean your feet, it also means your legs, head, shoulders and back too which was ace. She even cracked my broken toe. I pointed out my missing toenail but she wasn't bothered about rubbing it bless her, I wouldn't have touched it personally but each to their own, I expect she's seen worse. I went to the post office or rather Le Poste, very french round these parts and posted off my photo of me sat on the head of an elephant which the woman forced into the wee box with a few other bits and bobs then had some food and a drink by the VW camper van which has been turned into a bar. Like I said before all bars shut at 11pm so we headed for the bowling alley which stays open till 3am, I think it must be the only legal way people can still have a drink after hours. Of course it was full of western people some of which were lads dressed as women or lady boys, very funny. It was a wicked night, we had 2 games and got quite drunk on cocktails and shots, I was as pants as usual but such is life, got 2 spares which is better than normal and I didn't loose. The next morning I got up at 5am after going to bed at 3am, to go feed the monks. The day before some of us paid for a bowl of sticky rice which is for giving to the monks. You have to kneel on a mat and be respectfully dressed, don't look them in the eye and don't touch them. Lines and lines of monks go by with their pots and you put a bit of rice in each pot. I ran out of rice too quickly and was refilled and told not to give so much so I got my stingy hat on and felt bad but they get rice off everyone so it's not so bad. Monks aren't allowed to cook, thats why they get 'Alms' every morning. It was a cool experience even if I had a lot of trouble getting off my knees again... drop and roll to the side, stretch legs out slowly, haul yourself up like both legs are broken, dust off and pretend you're not in your 80's... back to the guesthouse and said cheerio to Joss and Lee then who flew back to Bangkok, booked a bus ticket to Vang Vieng with Ben and Jenny, Karen and Penny and went off for breakfast. I was going to go to the plain of jars but changed my mind to go with them. Met up with Cathy and Kaya who were staying in a different guesthouse and went to The Big Brother Mouse place where you can sit and chat to local kids to help them improve their English. I sat with a teenager and read a book about a useful buffalo. The guy had very long finger nails, esp his dreaded left thumb nail eeek! It was a brilliant experience, I loved it although trying to explain what certain words meant was a bit of a challenge not that I can remember any examples right now. Its made me want to teach English even more now.
One thing I've noticed round here are people on motorbikes who drive with their jackets on back to front also there are a lot of people who sit and pick spots on their faces by the side of the road peering into the wing mirrors of their scooters with tweezers in one hand and a determined look on their faces not even caring if you happen to walk by. I've also noticed that Thai Cows and Laos Cows differ quite a lot. Thai cows are like a cross between a dog, a camel and a long eared rabbit with long floppy skin hanging from their necks while a Laos Cow looks more normal, bit skinny but thats par for the course.
Vang Vieng is made for tourists. There was a thing in the paper about it recently, a few days before we got there about an Irish guy dying doing the tubing. It said there haven't been any accidents there ever which is a total lie, 6 or 7 people die there or are very badly injured every year. The mixture of tubing down a river, drinking and quick nightfall is quite dangerous really but good fun all the same. You can't spend your life thinking of the what if's, if you did, you wouldn't do anything. Right, so Vang Vieng. The bus took ages round a windy road, it reminded me of bus trips in Indonesia where they pick up locals. One guy got in and practically sat in Ben's lap. He ended up being our second driver when it got really dark. I think he needed glasses or driving lessons though cos it was a pretty scary last hour. The views from the bus were amazing esp the sunset behind the mountains, when we finally got there the guesthouse we ended up in was lovely and really cheap. The tubing that Vang Vieng is famous for is basically a big inner tube which you rent then get taken to the river and arrive at your first bar. Get in the water then about 1 minute later you get out again at the next bar. It's mental. Buckets of whisky and free shots. Some of the bars give you free bananas too... I have to admit being the big scardy cat that I am when it comes to water I didn't get a tube, I just walked to as many bars as I could get too before giving up and walking back to town while the rest of my mates frolicked in the river and tried to keep hold of thier tubes. Many people steal them to get to the next bar. Lots of the bars in town had TV's with either Family Guy, Friends or the Simpsons on 24/7 which was funny. I like a bit of Family Guy.
In hindsite I should have stayed in Luangprabang or Vang Vieng longer cos my next stop in Vientiene, the capital of the country was pretty dull apart from the balloon games on the sea front. You get 3 darts and have to pop 3 balloons to win a prize which is usually a bottle of weird juice or beer lao. It must be one of the most laid back capitals in the world, interestingly enough, Laos has managed to avoid the golden arches from setting up shop and in fact all major chains which is nice, doesn't make the country so same same. Myself, Ben and Jenny got there by bus along with about 50 million other tourists, one of which was sat infront of me reading a self help book for men about sex. I managed to read a wee bit through the gaps in the seats on the dos and don'ts in bed, he'd even made some notes in the margin and underlined bits here and there, I couldn't decide if it was sad or admirable or if he was still a virgin or perhaps had just received lots of complaints. Anyway we arrived in the dark, found a place to stay that looked like a prison or crack den but it was only for one night so we all shared a room (safety in numbers) and tried not to touch anything. Thank the lord for sleeping bag liners, the bed was manky and the bathroom worse so after searching for a new place to stay and avoiding going back too early we found a place over the road which wasn't obvious when we first arrived and moved into nice clean rooms in the morning. Again the food was excellent. I shared a BBQ'd fish and some local rice balls which are all taken apart then you wrap a spoonful up in a mixture of raw cabbage leaves, basil other leaves and banana flower, it was lush. So good infact I had them again the next night although some of the leaves in the salad looked suspiciously like the leaves on the tree beside me... It reminded me of the lettuce and sugar rolls Granny P used to make us when we were kids.
There are a lot of Baguettes in Laos, take the slow boat to Laos for Le Cheese Baguette (ala chewing the fat)
The next morning the three of us went for a wander down a road we hadn't been down, why I don't know cos it was really nice even saw a temple thing and mooched about a very expensive shop before finding an international supermarket where Ben was pleased to find a packet of S&V crisps for sale.
I said cheerio to Ben and Jenny the next day who flew to Cambodia then left Laos myself and headed to Hanoi in Vietnam on a tiny wee propellor plane next to Bob the Ozzy....

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Thailand Part II

Bangkok & Chiang Mai

sunny 30 °C

I was going to post it all together but thought I'd give you all a break and do it in 2 parts, it's taken me ages to write though, sorry. So, on with the rest of Thailand...

Imagine I'm on a plane... Nnnrrrrrrrrrr

Landed in Bangkok and caught a bus to my hotel just off Khao San Road which is a mental place, not my hotel but the street itself... people try to coax you into bars with big signs saying 'very strong cocktail' and such like, I also got asked a few times if I fancied seeing a ping pong show. Being on my own though, I thought it might look a bit weird and to be honest, as interesting as it might have been, I wasn't really up for going.
My hotel room had everything you could possible need in it. A bed funnily enough, a bathroom, fridge, TV, aircon which are all fairly normal really then I saw the mini bar selection pack. It came with a toothbrush and toothpaste, half a bottle of whiskey, 2 different packets of cigs, a lighter, a map, crisps, chocolates, nuts and a packet of condoms!! only in Bangkok? Ok, so Bangkok was very cool, I went to an art gallery which was almost as weird as the ones I went to in Japan, I bought t-shirts with Singa Beer written on one of them and a pair of denim shorts which are size XXL. Not cos my arse is of a size J-Lo would be proud off but cos the sizes out here are much like they are all over SE Asia, too small for western people - honest... I ate noodles and fruit from street vendors, said no thanks to a million tuk tuk drivers and bumped into Dominique who I shared a room with in KL. The Gallery was amazing even if it cost 30 Baht for locals and 200 for tourists. I saw some pretty standard portraits of the royal family and some abstract stuff by the king himself then a room full of bronze heads and a painting of a chicken with bodies as coups for eggs and chicks. Some of it was a bit like something Dali would paint. I also saw a painting of a woman with one eye licking her finger. Her missing eye had melted and her eyebrow had flaked all over her cheek, she was also all covered in goo. Beside that picture was one of a big fat pinkish blue baby with a missing finger eating a blue ice lolly, a set of 3 tongue pictures and loads of other weird stuff. I couldn't take any photos as usual but I got one of a girl putting on mascara which was on a poster outside. I decided to walk on from there and see what else I could find when I bumped into a local teacher who gave me a map and flagged down a tuk tuk for me to use the whole day for much cheapness. He took me to the temple of the big golden budda first where you can buy a wooden box with 4 or 5 wee birds in it to set free and give you luck for the rest of your life poor things. I saw a cat with one in its mouth, I doubt it was so he could set it free, anyway I paid the money and set them free. One had to be coaxed out, it must have seen the cat. The big golden budda is big and golden, nuff said. We then went on to the Golden Mount which is a big golden bell thing on top of a hill (or mount) it was pretty amazing and rather windy too as I did my marilyn monroe yet again. The view from the top was fab. We passed a lottery market on the way to the next stop and a giant swing. Not sure why they call it the giant swing as it doesn't have a seat or anything. I was then taken to a tailors and told to buy something so that the tuk tuk driver could get free petrol, he was getting free petrol anyway for some reason that day which is why the whole day only cost me 20 baht and not the usual 70 but I got some material anyway cos it was lovely. It's on it's way back to Mums along with 3 other parcels which haven't arrived yet including my spanking new rice making machine woohooo!! It doesn't play a tune like my sister in Japans does but it's pretty cool. After a long winded chat with a tour operator and a booking which sorted out the next 2 weeks of my life I headed to the best attraction in Bangkok which is the emperial palace, a must in all guide books. Of course when I got there it was shut. I'm going back to Bangkok to get my flight to Hong Kong so will make a point of seeing the palace then all being well.
The next day I went to the weekend market and asked the bloke that took me if it was only on at the weekends... doh!! anyway we were supposed to be meeting up with some other people but they didn't turn up till I had left. The market has about 400 stalls all under one plastic roof, I near passed out after a bit and smacked my sore toe of the bloke in front of me which almost made me cry so after purchasing a torch for my trek and a pair of leather flip flops I hopped back on the train and back to Khosan Road. To get back there I had to catch a tuk tuk, they wanted 200 for the trip which is rubbish so after a bit of no way, yes way, no way I paid 60 plus another visit to a tailor. I got in the shop and one of the men came up to me and asked if he could help, I said no, just looking to which he replied 'we are tailors, if you don't want anything made I suggest you go look somewhere else' shocked by is utter rudeness I told him he was a very rude little man and I would be happy to leave his shop. The cheek of the man!! anyway I then bumped into Dominique who I shared a room with in KL. It was really nice to have someone to play with. Went out for dinner, breakfast and for a facial which was hilarious. It was really cheap and made our skin look and feel amazing but we got the giggles after the face mask bit. I looked over at Dom and burst out laughing which made her laugh and her face crack. I was then covered in a sliced up cucumber which got her started and we couldn't stop. The beauticians were most upset. I guess you had to be there really... Had some food and moved into a cheaper hostel which was a bit like a prison cell not that I know from experience, just from Cell Block H. It was fine though, I chose a bathroom with cold shower over a window.
One of the things I booked with the travel agent was a trip to the floating market, Bridge over the river Kwai and the tiger temple. The temple was the best bit!! if you're not into the history of the bridge then it's just a bridge over a river, nothing very exciting. The floating market was good though, very touristy as you can imagine and even though you have to pay 150 baht for a boat, you must give the driver a tip on top, the cheek. The tiger temple was ace. I'm not convinced that the tigers aren't drugged in some way but it was so cool to be so close to them. One of the big ones growled at me when I touch him/her but I didn't get biten. I wasn't told I had to wear something to cover my legs to the knees and my shoulders so me and a girl from chilli had to buy something hense the black moomoo in the photos with the huge butterfly on the front. Not a fashion statement just cheap and did the job, honest Miss Buckley (my fashion advisor hehe) anyhoo, I got lost one day as usual and ended up on a boat trip with a girl from bulgaria and one from Spain, it was ok but I'm not going to rave about it. When I got off I bought some bananas in coconut milk and what the woman said was sweet potato. It was tapioca, I will never forget the taste of it after Aisling and I had it in Sumatra Ewwww the bananas were great though. They have all sorts of weird and wonderful sweet things in Thailand and some that you think will be sweet but actually are far from it. Next stop Chiang Mai...
I caught the night train from Bangkok at 9pm after being dropped off at the station by evil canevil the tuk tuk driver. I wasn't expecting much from the train really but it was ace, got a massive bed which was already made up with a pillow and a blanket. You get a wee curtain to pull across the bed and on the otherside, cos I was on the bottom bunk, I had a huge window to gaze out of which didn't really come into play till it was daylight again. I munched the dinner I brought with me and settle down with my book. It was then that I pinged the first cockroach off my bed and onto the floor to join his mates that scurried away. I wondered how many I would end up eating in my sleep. They say you eat a lot of wee spiders and stuff in your lifetime when you're asleep so I suppose I might of. I saw a few others during the night running around the walls but no more on my bed thankfully. The sunrise was amazing, I tried to take photos but they were rubbish. I got off the train 11 hours after I got on it and was met by a bloke and taken to my guesthouse. I then met up with a great pair called Sinead and James and went out to a Thai boxing match. Thai boxing is brilliant, I really enjoyed it even when the 8 year old kids came out and beat each other up till KO and it ended tears bless them. They have a band playing traditional music to get the fighters hyped up while they do their stretching and bowing, I don't think any of the fights went passed 3 rounds. They even got one of the spectators up to fight with 5 boxers all blind folded, really funny to watch. The next morning the 3 of us left for our 3 day 2 night jungle trek..
Do you remember the Bukit Lawang jungle trek song? well, here's my version for Chiang Mai... (to the tune of jingle bells as before...) Jungle Trek, Jungle Trek, just outside Chiang Mai, see the rice fields, kill the snakes, sleep by the waterfall hey!! Jungle Trek, Jungle Trek... and so on, it's not that good really.
I loved the trek, I really had a brilliant time and could have stayed longer for sure, the food was brilliant all cooked over a fire, the views were fabulous and our guide was very funny. I even got re named ''Chilly On The Sun'' as thats how our guide Chang said my full name. Before we started trekking we had a ride on an elephant. As there were only 3 of us we all went on the one elephant, I got to sit on her head which was ace. Bit sweaty and wobbly so I held onto the bar behind me most of the time. I don't know how the locals can balance there with thier knees, it's really hard, esp when she keeps throwing her head back to get bananas from you that you buy as you go round from women in wee huts on stilts. You feel guilty if you don't buy them, very crafty. We had a baby elephant with us as well, very cute. The trek was quite hard in bits, the up hills were very up hill and it was so hot sometimes that a waterfall was a welcome break even if there were fish in the water that nibbled at your feet and legs. I tried some banana whiskey and smoked a banana leaf cigarette on our first night. We stayed in a hut on top of a hill with the toilet up another hill. The shower was very open to the elements and you could have waved to anyone coming down the hill. I bought a bamboo flute that night, it's wicked, makes a right howling sound. The next day after breakfast we headed off further up the hill then down it again and stayed beside an amazing waterfall, the roar off it was incredible. On the way there we had to cross a river, I didn't want to get my feet wet so thinking my legs are longer than they are, I tried to jump to the big stone in the middle. Of course I hit the stone and cracked my knee on it, lost my sun glasses and ended up in the river anyway. Why I didn't just take off my trainers, throw them over and walk through I don't know. My trainers are now in trainer heaven bless them. Anyway, I didn't get in the waterfall, it was a bit scary but I did help to cook the dinner that night and afterwards we all sat around a camp fire playing games and playing music on our flutes and this weird 2 stringed instrument which was a bit like a harp but home made, really nice. Our guide killed a snake with a big stick and we all slept well. On the last day we went bamboo rafting. I decided that I'd rather pull my big toenail off than get on a skinny bamboo raft and sail down the river so thats exactly what I did and I'm glad as a huge spider landed on one of the girls and the other raft crashed into a rock and when they all got off a few people said it was a horrible experience so I'm glad I didn't do that. It was great to get back to the guesthouse and have a hot shower and get some laundry done, we were all reeking.
The next day Sinead (who's last name is OƇonner by the way, yes really) went on a day trip to the golden triangle which is a tour that takes you to the Burmese border and to Laos. I'm not entirely convinced that we were actually in Laos, it was more like a big market across the river that had a sign saying welcome to Laos and they gave you a bit of paper with a fake immigration stamp on it or you could get your passport stamped with the fake stamp... I had such a laugh with Shimmers, she's so funny. We played cards in the bus and dipped our feet in the hot spring water at our first stop. I bought some coconut caramel which is my new favorite thing and then we headed off to a temple. I've never seen anything like it in my life, it was silver and white and beautiful. The guy that built it paid for the whole thing himself to give something back to the community he is from. Some of it was a bit weird like the inside, it has paintings of superman, the twin towers being destroyed, keanu reeves as the matrix and other things that are going on in our world now. It was all very political mixed with a bit of religion and life and death, very clever really. There was a monk sitting on the floor in the temple, I wasn't sure if he was alive or not let alone real but he was both. In fake Laos you could try the different whiskeys like Cobra, tiger penis, lizard and ginger etc. All minging if you ask me evento look at with snakes and stuff floating about in the jars ewwww. The Burmese border was interesting then we wnt to the long neck Karen tribe village which was bizarre. I loved seeing all the women with the rings round their necks but it was a bit like a zoo. They wouldn't be able to survive without us tourists so I suppose it's swings and roundabouts. Apparently the only ones that get picked to wear the rings have to be born on a wednesday thats also a full moon. The rings are to protect them from the spirit of the tiger and are ot only round their necks but on their legs and ares too. Some of the women have burns on their necks from the brass being wound round as it has to be hot and pliable. Sorry about my spelling by the way, I don't have spell check, Dad has pulled me up about it and I expect it does LeeAnnes head in but you all know what I mean most of the time don't you? Anyway after a few photos and a dance show we went home and I said cheerio to Sinead and James who left the next day for Laos while I went to a cookery course, it was amazing. Waaaaaay better than the one in Ko Samui. I made 6 dishes and a curry paste with a woman called May. I then ate it all (the curry paste was made into a curry, I didn't eat it on it's own) and went back to the guesthouse with a coconut icecream and lay on my bed rubbing my belly like a snake disgesting a horse for about 4 hours. I didn't eat again that day or indeed until lunchtime the next day by which time I was half way to the Laos border with 4 people from essex and 2 from australia....

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Thailand Part I

Krabi, Koh Samui

sunny 34 °C

Hello there everyone

Thailand has been good to me. I've lounged about on white beaches, played with hand guns, been to hospital and generally relaxed till I got to Bangkok where I fought the crowds on khao san road, played with tigers and moved into a prison cell hostel before heading off for a 3 day jungle trek outside Chiang Mai, pulled off my big toe nail, visited the golden triangle and soaked my feet in a hot spring after discovering a stall that sold coconut caramel hurrah!!

Lets go to Krabi first.... I landed in Krabi and went through immigration with no problems at all, got my free 30 day entry visa, hopped on a bus and headed to my hotel after chatting to a guy from NZ on the bus who was about as interesting as a blade of grass. My hotel was 6 quid a night. It had a swimming pool, free breakfast, fruit on arrival, free bottles of water in the fridge everyday, TV, wardrobe, hot shower, towels, towels for the pool, massive bed, AC and bathroom trinkets. It even had free internet. Bargain. Oh yeah, my room also had a torch in it... how bizarre. I spent most of my time lounging about the pool and getting my blog and photos up to date, needed a rest after indonesia. The first night I used the computer a spider brushed passed my leg, it was bigger than any spider I'd ever seen outside of a zoo and all hairy, well, that was until I got to the jungle trek, the spider I saw there could easily have picked me up and dragged me back to it's lair to cover me in web and eat me, it was humongous!!! more about the trek later... The free breakfast wasn't the buffet I had been expected but the rice and chicken soup with ginger was lush. Coffee isn't as nice as in Indonesia here, it's all nescafe granules so I haven't been drinking so much of it although starbucks is always a caffeinated oasis on every corner in bigger cities, didn't find one in Krabi tho. I've noticed that Thai men do the same thing to keep cool as Indonesian men, they all pull there t-shirts up half way exposing finely tuned abs or worked at beer guts, I expect it has the desired effect though, I haven't tried it myself.
Got a free shuttle from my hotel to the beach town for a mooch and maybe some shopping. Got a manicure and pedicure which is when I noticed my toenail was a bit unstable then wandered about for a bit and along the beach. A lot of people shout "hello, taxi?" mostly taxi drivers funnily enough and the other one is "hello, you look so nice, perhaps you would like a new dress, come have a look please, my shop is just over there..." I went for sushi that night before the tuk tuk shuttle came back for me. It was quite a posh looking place but wasn't very expensive so I sat down and ordered some thai spring rolls then green tea and a selection of sashimi and a plate of tempura maki. I asked for some more tea and she came back with hot water which was added to my original pot which was now out of leaves.. ah well. As I munched through the tempura maki set plate which was in 2 halves separated with a risen bit of plastic if you know what I mean, I began to see a picture emerging on the plate, it wasn't till I was half way through that I noticed it was a kiddies plastic tigger plate!! I laughed out loud and pretended something in my book had made me giggle (it wasn't a funny book) but no one seemed to noticed. I went home and got back on the computer to do more blog when the hotel cat decided to join me. It was pregnant at the time. It jumped up onto me and the keyboard then started to Oooze brown stuff all over my leg yuck!! it then followed me to my room, dived in the door and up onto my bed so I put a towel under it and petted it thinking it must be going to have it's kittens soon and lets face it, no one wants to be left on their own for that surely... anyway after a few more brown gooey patches on the towel and no sign of kittens I turfed it out into the hall and went to bed. Woke up to the happy news that the cat had had 3 kittens that morning bless it. Think one of them is probably dead by now though as it was teenie weenie compared to the other 2. Do cats eat their young?
Went on a tour of 4 islands on a boat, it was gorgeous, the initial boat ride was pretty hairy and I got my flip flop trapped in the bottom of the boat and nearly fell onto the floor after one big wave rocked us about but the bloke beside me kind of caught me so no damage. The 1st Island was lovely, a bit windy and the sea was a bit rough so I didn't get in it then it rained on us so we went onto the 2nd island which is called Chicken Island cos a bit of rock sticking out looks like a chickens neck and head. I personally don't think it looks anything like a chicken but who am I to argue? You can make your own minds up from the photo. We didn't get off the boat here, well I didn't, me and a 2 year old girl from Australia watched as everyone else dived off to snorkel. I could see all the fish from the boat so didn't miss much really. All the fish were the same and were being fed bread and bits of pineapple, they also eat spit it was discovered after someone spat in the sea and all the fish rushed around for a good old feed eewww. Onto the next and final Island, I know I said 4 but alas the weather was too bad on the last one so we stayed at the 3rd one for longer. Had lunch which was spicy chicken and rice then pineapple and watermelon. I bobbed about in the clear blue waters and lay about on the golden soft sand for ages, it was lush then we all headed back to the main land. I was meant to meet up with 3 people from the trip but I couldn't get to where they were and back again cos of it being low season weirdly enough so I went for a minging indian (not on purpose like) then headed back to the hotel after booking a ticket to Koh Samui. Saw the cat, it was wandering about on it's own, I wondered if it just needed some me(iow) time boom boom!!
Caught a bus to the port and a boat to Koh Samui then a wee bemo bus to my hostel which was great. Koh Samui is a bit costa del sol and defo for couples and stags than table for 1 Scottish girls. I've never had so much head on one side pity from people, I half expected the waitresses to give me a cuddle and tell me everything's going to be ok. The guy that ran my hostel was a tall Italian man with a permanent smile. I was meant to go out with him and his chick and mates one night but ended up in a rock bar with a live band instead. It wasn't till I'd been there for a while enjoying the music that I realised it was a lady bar. I should have known really by the age of the men coming in and the excitement of the scantily clad girls round the pool table and otherwise lack of girls in there... The owner was great though and played a game with me on the bar with dice and numbers until she had to tell me enough was enough. When you walk down the street it's not so much hello mister anymore or taxi? or massage it hello pretty lady, where do you come from as they vice grip your hand so you can't escape then try and make you part with a weeks budget in their tailors shop to have a whole new wardrobe hand crafted in the best material on the island, silk from japan and cotton from somewhere else. I've never met so many tailors in my life. I have to confess I crumbled near the end of my stay and had 2 skirts made for much cheapness, more for the attention and conversation than anything else. Yeah yeah i know, bring out the violins... Also, I must be Swedish or Scandinavian of some sort if not German or any other kind of arian child, I couldn't possible be Scottish and if I am, then my parents certainly aren't. I started to question it myself.. 'are you sure?' they'd ask.. hmmm I think so. It must be my tan and sun bleached hair and perhaps the heidi plait I wear so often to keep the blanket from my neck cos as far as I know, I haven't been talking backwards or renting land on the island to open a branch of Ikea... Ants, ants are everywhere, if they're not climbing up my leg reminding me that I need to de fluff again they're on my bed, up the walls, on the side of my drink but so far not in my pants... Saw a stand for a 'Happy Pancake' I'm sure it's better than an unhappy pancake and after purchasing one, I was very happy so it works. I also walked passed a pig on a spit about 5 times wishing I had enough money to treat myself to a slice before I realised it wasn't real, meerly a way to entice people into the place. Ate a lot of sushi in Koh Samui, it was lovely, one set even made by a real Japanese man!! wonders will never cease. English newspapers are available but they're printed off and stapled together, still not very interesting although I did read about an opera singer that fell off the stage landing on a cello, she was taken to hospital, poor cello I say, you know the size of some of these opera singers. I went shooting one day, it was lots of fun and I did really well which surprised the bloke there. I got to choose from a rifle, a shotgun, an oozy, a revolver or a semi automatic machine gun. I wanted to play with the machine gun but the bloke said it was all over a bit quick and therefore not much fun so I took the .38 hand gun and 21 bullets. The paper target didn't stand a chance. Got a few in the circle, some in the head and missed a couple, have sent the paper target home. No photos though as the bloke wanted to charge me for taking a picture of me with my own camera, I don't bleedin think so!! Did my first cookery course, you can take a friend with you to help you eat what you've cooked at the end but as I didn't have any of those and couldn't find a homeless person, I took it all home with me. It was good but making fried rice wasn't too challenging. The fish curry was amazing and the spicy coconut soup was lush but all in all it was just ok. I've since done one in Chaing Mai which was brilliant, will tell you about that later. I also ended up going to hospital. Fear not, nothing bad happened to me and it wasn't cos of the cooking I just needed to see a doc for a kidney infection which I'd had for waaaay to long anyway it's fine now. The hospital was lovely, more like a hotel really and didn't cost me that much which reminds me, I must send the form to axa to get my money back... I went to a shopping centre on my last day to kill time before the plane. When wandering about I noticed some weird stuff like a product for making your nose bigger and happier according to the box, it looked like a clip a synchronised swimmer would wear, they also had a product for sticking to your eyes to make you look like you had more eye lids and my personal favorite, a product to make your nipples pinker!! Bizarre. While lying on the beach I kept getting asked if I wanted to buy jewelery then a hammock to which I replied I didn't have any trees then he offered me hash!! I was also offered a bat and ball game but he soon left after I looked around and asked him who I was going to play with... Talking about the beach, what is it with men and speedos? Not a moment went by without a man in figure hugging swimwear sauntering passed without a care in the world oblivious to fashion and indeed the safety of peoples eyes. I don't care if you have a body like the man in the Davidoff adverts, parading about in a banana hammock is not sexy. Do none of these men have another half or friend to point out the faux pa or a mirror for that matter? Anyway, eyes well and truly burned I flew to Bangkok, the airport on the island must be the nicest one I've ever been in. It was all open and you could help yourself to free drinks in the departure place where they also had the days papers to read while sitting on a comfy sofa looking out over the runway. The air stewardesses or whatever the PC name is for them now come round your table and check your passport and ticket to save you queuing for too long. I wonder if that's what first class is like...

Boarded the plane and flew off to Bangkok.....

to be continued :)

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