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Koh San Road, Flashing Buildings & Window Shopping

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So, more buckets, pool and pad thai in Thailand followed by towers, tours, a food festival, flashing sky scrapers and shopping centres in Macau and Hong Kong.

Well, as my visa was running out for Cambodia and my flight to Macau was out of Bangkok I went back to Thailand on a bus with Fabio. I meant to do more while I was there including going outside of Bangkok but it didn't quite happen like that... Macau and Hong Kong are mad places, not sure I'd go back to either one again without a serious amount of cash in my sky rocket.

The bus trip back to Bangkok was long, 13 hours long. I told you about the first bit already, now onto the 4 hours from the border to bangkok, four hours my arse, my sore and numb arse. We got there eventually even tho the driver was speeding like a bat out of hell at about 8pm (3 or 4 hours after we thought we would be there, found a nice place to live with aircon and a TV no less - much cheapness too and met up with Fabio's mate Engelbert and went out on the town.

Ok, I'm just going to get it over with and write it down... I had a tattoo done. Eeek..!! waits for Dad to calm down.... I totally love it. It's Thai script about 2.5 inches up the back of my leg from the ankle and is very subtle and can be covered with socks, tights, leggings (not that I wear them, ok so I bought a pair in Australia, they're tartan) jeans, bandage etc if need be. I'm not going to tell you what it says as it's a secret and anyway, the woman in the shop that translated it for me laughed a lot, I don't think she quite got the deep and meanfulness of it all. I read two chapters of my book and sucked a chupa chup till it was gone then chewed the stick till it was flat all over, in a bid to distract myself not that it hurt that much really. At least I managed not to faint this time and it was sort of amusing watching my foot twitch when he was doing the bit nearest my heel haha

ok, now that that's over with I'll get on with my story...

It was nice to be back in Thailand and esp nice to have people to play with this time. The three of us went to the cinema to watch 2012. It's total pap. A typical american disaster movie, we can save the world drivel with plenty of heart string pulling, crazy special effects and dramatic near death experiences. It wasn't the worst film I've seen. That would be Lawnmower Man II which I watched till the end just to see if the lead character was related to Mel Gibson (he isn't) Before the film starts you have to stand up and pay respect to the King of Thailand. They even have a wee short film of him waving and stuff, it's mad esp when you're used to a cartoon or a lecture on video piracy which they don't show in Thailand. I wonder why...? We also went ten pin bowling which was class, can you believe I actually won the first game?!! ok so maybe Engelbert was using his good arm which isn't the one he'd normally use (remember he ripped all the tendons in the other...) and well Fabio just wasn't playing very well but still, I won and thats all there is to it. The next day I had a facial and my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted then was taken upstairs for a bikini wax. Dad keeps telling me I put too much info in this sometimes so I'm not going to get too into it. I was a bit dubious after the last one I had in Thailand but I thought no, it's Bangkok, ladyboys must come and have it done all the time so off I went and watched as she put on a pinny and turned the hob on in the kitchen then put a pot of wax over the heat. Here we go I thought, be brave... To my relief she was very professional and nothing terrible happened I left happy and pain free although my eyebrows were a tad on the dark side for my liking... We went to the Brick Bar that night on koh san road, it's wicked in there, they had a local Ska band on and I bopped about like I did at Dave Ridleys birthday. It was class, onto a night club next called Le Club which was a bit mad but good all the same, I ended up with a crowd of thai girls who were loads of fun. I forgot to mention Larry Duff in Cambodia, he was a short sleeveless t-shirt and shorts wearing Israeli who danced all the time, he was class and taught me how to spin round a pole on the dance floor, I never could get it right so not much in the way of job prospects there... anyway, I bumped into him again in Koh San road, madness, went for coffee and we went for a walk, so long a walk I hailed a taxi back (I'm so lazy) he was on his way back to Israel for some kind of political thing, I didn't really understand it but it sounded interesting.
The next day was a total right off. We did nothing all day then stayed up to watch Ireland being robbed of a place in the world cup by cheating hand balling France. The boys then went off to Krabi on a bus and I hung around bangkok for a few more days. I had to change room as Fabio my roommate was gone so I got a cheaper room and got eaten alive by bed bugs that night. It was minging, I have a photo of the bites all over my legs and shoulder, so itchy. I went down to the reception and asked for a new room, my old room but for the same price I was paying to which they replied.... eh no. I was like hello, look at the state of me?? eh no. So I paid the extra and stayed in the bugless room. I did do a search in other places for a room but most of them were expensive or complete dives so I was stuck, ah well at least I had TV and air con. I discovered that the internet shop down the road was free between 1am and 4am so went there and added Fabio to skype only to find it wasn't him, just the same name and place that he's from. Fabio 2 was fairly amusing for a while, I have no idea who he is. Didn't do too much more in Bangkok before flying to Macau apart from hand in some laundry. The woman charged me 150 baht!! 150 baht OMG what a rip off but needs must so I sucked it up and paid.

next stop Macau

Macau is China, I didn't actually know that... before I got on the plane I bought a huge box of coconut candy to take to Carmen in Jimboomba, Oz but it accidentally fell into my mouth over and over again till they were all gone. Sorry Carmen... The landing in Macau was bizarre. It was dark as in pitch black when the plane started to go down and I didn't see any lights whatsoever, not even when the plane hit the tarmac, totally bizarre, like bermuda triangle stuff, well, till I looked over the other side of the plane and saw the whole brightly lit island then the plane turned at the end of the runway and I saw the most amazing bridges and neon flashing skyscrapers like fireworks, it was brilliant. Same same on the plane, they all want off first. We got into a bus and were taken round the corner and let off again, literally 100 yards round the corner, it was hilarious. Onto immigration where we were serinaded with christmas carols, noel noel noel noel, born is the king of Issssriiiiaaaeeeeel. The passport stamper was very serious indeed, I think a smile might have cracked her face. Booked a hotel and hopped in a taxi. The door opened and closed itself just like in Japan. When I changed up some money at the airpoert the woman behind the desk must have counted it about 10 times, forwards, backwards, upside down and over again, not a smile in sight. I went for dinner in the chinese resturant in the hotel. It was ok but I felt a bit like I was being stared at and to be honest was treated a bit like a pleb so I didn't eat there again. The next day I caught a free shuttle down to Macau itself as my hotel was on Taipia and went on a tour. I have a strong suspicion that my status as foreign holiday maker resulted in me being done as the tour bloke said I wouldn't be able to get a bus as it was too late so better going with him. Like I said, I had my suspicions but there weren't any tour buses about so I went with him. The tour was good tho, I saw a big golden flower that was given to Macau from China I think, it's a lotus flower. I then went to see a statue of Kun Lam who has a portuguese face apparently. I'm glad I wrote her name down cos I didn't remember it. It was nice to look at. Next I got dropped off at the Macau Tower. The view was wicked but the best bit was watching a man jump off the 61st floor and flying passed everyone, including me, on the 58th floor!! How mad is that?? don't worry, it wasn't a terrible accident or someone commiting sideyways, he had a bungy rope tied to his ankles. The saying is 'why live life on the edge when you can jump off' or words to that effect. The weather was good for once, I haven't had much luck with that on other tower tours. The view was great and I spotted a food festival from the top hurrah!! After the tower I went to see the oldest chinese temple in Macau. I've seen my fair share of temples so it was ok but one thing I did notice was the size of the incense sticks and coils. You could gas out a honey farm with one of them, huge they were and a bit over powering really. An odd thing happened there. I was hanging out by a furnace as you do when a bloke came towards me and said 'hello' followed by 'I need to speak english' then carried on walking right into the toilets... weird, the other odd thing was my next stop on the tour outside the ruins of St Pauls. I'm assuming that there's loads of St Pauls catherdrals in the world. I had a mug at Granny and Grandpa P's that said on it, 'st pauls cathedral, designed by sir christopher wren after the destruction of the cathedral in 1666' now I don't know if it's the same cathedral cos I was on a anneka rice time schedule of 15 mins which was enough time for a few pics front and back and into as many other peoples photos as I could before the 500 yard dash back to the car. I wonder what happened to that mug come to think of it... I have a fav mug at my Granny A's as well, it's got a fish on it. I was then dropped off in Senado Square (oh I have been a good girl writing down the names for once) map in hand after begging for a discount on the trip pleading poverty and no money for food blah blah blah I ended up getting very lost indeed. Why don't I have any sense of direction? Is it possible to use a car navigator thing when you're just walking? I eventually came across some shops one of which was a mall for 'Trendy Ladies Wear' Not my thing at all but I went in anyway hehe After asking for my size in a pair of wicked shoes and being laughed out the door I gave up and found the sweet shop on the top floor for all those people who realise that nothing is ever going to fit unless you are short and built like a whippet so I left and turned into a reeking street that had fish all over it drying out in the sun Mmmm nice. I had to ask a man where the tower was so I could go to the food festival and he pointed me to a bus stop cos it was very far away so I got on the bus and waited and waited and waited but we didn't go to the tower, I ended up in the bus station with the driver looking at me like I was mental. I had caught the bus on the wrong side of the street so he let me stay on and I finally arrived at the festival about half an hour later. It was brilliant. As you know I love food so it was like heaven. I didn't know where to start so I ordered some clams from one of the stalls but didn't know you have to buy food ticket voucher things so I got 50HKD worth which is about 4 quid I think and munched my way through the stalls. I had the clams which were ace then fried won ton with sweet chilli sauce then a bowl of fried rice with snails and spring onion then finally a local dessert speciality called serra something, I can't remember but it was kind of moussey. I also tried lots of wee free bits here and there and saw a famous person. I have no idea who it was but the paps were following him about so I took a photo of him. He looked a bit like bernard linares, a politician from Gibraltar. I then had to get home so I got a bus to the Grand Lisboa flashing casino and marvelled at the lights and colours and stuff, it was mad, I can't imagine what Vegas must be like. I'm happy to say I can still shock the locals and mesmorise small children with my western ways. A man banged his thumb with a hammer and a wee girl waved at me through most of her dinner bless her. Some of the men are bit letchy tho like they've never seen a woman before let alone a western one yuck!! Next stop Hong Kong where I met the most lecherous man yet... ewww!

Getting to Hong Kong was pretty easy, I bought my ticket for the turbo jet and watched as Macau vanished and an hour later Hong Kong appeared. It looks like Gibraltar from the sea except it's been taking super protein body building muscle enhancing steriods. The buildings are huuuuge. I saw about 5 low flying planes in the sky heading for landing which was cool. It's a shame they don't use the runway between the buildings anymore, I'd have flown in if they did for sure. I found somewhere to stay in Nathan Street where all the backpackers go. My room was on the 11th floor and couldn't have been more that 2x2m in fact, the whole room was about the same size as the bed I'd been sleepingon for the past 2 nights!! still it was cheap and comfy and I had a view of the brightly coloured road below. I went out for a wonder and noticed I was about the only girl in flip flops and looked really scruffy in comparison to the other women about. I found an amazing pair of shoes for a tenner but my feet are now sasquatch size so they didn't fit, not even the european size 41 fitted me eeek!! You know ages ago I said about Indian men being a bit odd in their questions and stuff in Malaysia? well, this indian chap got in the lift with me the next day and seemed fairly normal, bit on the thin side but hey ho, I'm only jealous. Anyway he's asking me if I'm from sweden of course and generally being nice. Said if I dont have anywhere to go to turn left outside the building and cross over for the avenue of stars and stuff so I said thanks and off I went. Then he starts to follow me asking if I want a manicure or massage, I was like no thanks thinking go away and he comes out with do I want a sexy massage!?! I looked him square in the face and said no I do not, please go away and never ask anyone that again!! I don't half attract some weirdos. You know, no offence to the entire nation of indian men but I haven't met one yet on my travels who hasn't either wanted sex, wanted to talk about sex, offered to make me a suit or tried to kiss me. I tell you, if it wasn't for the food I would have anything nice to say. Terrible isn't it?? but like I said before, they can't all be like that. Eventually he left after not being able to convince me that I would love it and I carried on to the avenue of stars which is a bit like the stars thing in America but these are chinese actors. I took a picture of the ones I recognised like Jet Li, Jackie Chan and of course Bruce Lee, they have a big bronze statue of him as well so I took a photo of that and went for a coffee. Was a lush day. I went into a 'local light refreshment' shop, yes it was actually called that and ordered myself a local light refreshment. It was gorgeous. It was black glutenous rice (sticky not glutenous as in bum squirts) mango and coconut juice with extra fresh mango on the top and it tasted so good. I then found the market by accident and got a replacement wallet for the one that got nicked in cambodia. After mooching about there I went for afoot massage which actually just included my feet and calves for a change. A few men came in and went straight through the back. I reckon 'happy finish' is on the menu there. A bowl of vietnamese seafood noodle soup later I went back to my room and wondered what Sydney would be like when I got there the next day. 35 degrees on the internet yay!! in actual fact is was cold wet and windy...

Talking about noodles, noodle soup or any other noodle thing or spaghetti just isn't first date food is it? It's more for enjoying in a slurpy sauce on your chin kind of way - who cares what you look like just get your face in the bowl.

Next stop Sydney... eeek Australia already

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